I am a tinkerer and problem solver.

Throughout my career I have sought out opportunities that connect me directly with customers because of the empathy I have for their experience.

I believe...

  • ...we should be willing to make mistakes every day.
  • ...the best user experience happens only through collaboration.
  • ...much like Jon Snow, admitting when you know nothing.
  • ...in seeing things from a different perspective than my own.

My design approach

  • Just about everything begins with a hand-drawn sketch, be it on a napkin, notepad or tracing paper.
  • That sketch—which is often something translatable only to me—goes through a least a few more iterations until the idea becomes clearly defined and something that is easily shared with others.
  • After several rounds of feedback that idea is no longer just my own creation but that of a collaborative effort and also where the magic happens.
  • Rinse and repeat for every stage of the process through completion.

—Let’s get together and make something great.


I live in the Baltimore area.