Accessibility in Design

I have worked extensively with WCAG standards to promote accessible user interfaces.

Agile Development

Currently support agile sprint teams in a UX context. SAFe practitioner certified.


Familiarity with Bootstrap grid system.


Gotta know your em from your en dashes.

CSS Style Guide

ToC, section headers, and comments make for a tidy style sheet.


CSS class grouping in HTML helps to differentiate style sheets from one another.

Micro Animations

A little goes a long way with these.


Printing out wireframes to create a quick prototype is sometimes all you need to gain useful insights.

Responsive Design

Sometimes it's mobile first, sometimes it's mobile ready.

User Experience (UX)

Human Centered Design is a main focus of my current project.

User Interface (UI)

I design interfaces for a wide range of audiences, with a focus on accessibility.


Sketch is my latest go-to for all things wireframing.


The best git for designers yet. Might want to use a different project for libraries to avoid branch conflicts.

Adobe Acrobat

Great for pre-press work.

Adobe Illustrator

Still the best for vector graphics.

Adobe InDesign

The only way to go when creating multi-page layouts.

Adobe Lightroom

So much better than Bridge!

Adobe Photoshop

King of the jungle for image manipulation.