Designing a long-term hotel rental startup.

My Role

Bring to life the StayAwhile product from initial branding to high fidelity prototypes. These concepts were used by the business to illustrate the essence of the StayAwhile brand and help deliver an MVP to potential investors.

Branding & Website Look and Feel

Initial branding concepts were designed to balance sophistication and playfulness. Typefaces included geometric sans serif for a modern look, while alternates included script and handwritten fonts.

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Onboarding User Experience

Wireframes were designed to illustrate basic a first-time user experience. From these, a medium fidelity prototype was created in InVision to test the interactions and make adjustments to the flow.

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High Fidelity Mockups

After initial wireframes were created, high fidelity designs were introduced to add depth and further illustrate select concepts.

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App Prototyping

In addition to medium fidelity prototyping in InVision, high fidelity animated protoypes were also created using Flinto. This allowed us to test some of the interactive elements without having to code.


Initial concepts were designed to continue the theme of a sophisticated world traveler.

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